Worxsmith Features




The worxsmith programme offers you a new way to get your elearning conetnt. It enables you to:

- Get an estimate for your project from the unique xtrapolator tool before you even start!
- Choose from a complete register of elearning professionals based up on their business, learning or industry experience and skills
- Build different production teams for different projects
- Contribute as much or as little of your own skills to your projects
- Specify any kind of content, from simple page-turning solution to high end fully interactive, award winning elearning.Work directly with a sigle point of contact to manage the complete process
- View the progress of your project daily updates using the worxsmiths project management cloud application

If you are interested in discovering how the worxsmith programme can help you get great elearning content, just how you like it, then please email us at sales@mylearningworx.com with some basic information about your requirements and we will produce an estimate with some suggested solutions.