Worxsmith benefits


Changing the way we source our elearning services brings you a new range of benefits compared with normal elearning solutions:

- Lower costs: you only pay for the work that you commission. There are no huge overheads so you get exactly what you pay for, dramatically reducing costs.
- Faster production: Because there are many worxsmiths, it’s easier to get someone you need straightaway. You won’t be made to wait behind other ‘more important’ projects.
- Greater transparency: The worxsmith xtrapolator tool means you get a much better understanding of project costs, making it easier to manage and get the most from your budget.
- Right tool for the jobs: worxsmiths have wide experience of many authoring tools, ID methodologies and project management skills
- Sourced in the UK: All worxsmiths are resident in the UK. That means they are available when you are!

If you are interested in discovering how the worxsmith programme can help you get great elearning content, just how you like it, then please email us at sales@mylearningworx.com with some basic information about your requirements and we will produce an estimate with some suggested solutions.