Discover a new way to produce elearning



The worxsmith programme uses crowd-sourcing techniques to bring you the best talent in elearning production and match it to your needs to give you the best elearning content. Uniquely, it also enables you to contribute your own skills and talents to the process so you are ‘in control’ from the word go.

Every worxsmith’ project starts with the exclusive ‘xtrapolator’ tool. The xtrapolator enables you to specify the roles and support you need to create your elearning content. It lets you define all your requirements, before producing an estimate with the details you need to get the right elearning at the best possible price. It is your guide to the content production process, helping you understand the tasks involved from start to finish.

There are more than 50 worxsmiths to choose from to help you create your elearning. They will help you to excute your plans by providing their skills as follows:

-  Planning and content gathering: Our project managers are highly experienced at defining your needs and pulling all the right data together, providing the perfect platform to create the best 'new wave' content.
-  Instructional design: award winning instructional design starts with a great script and storyboard. You choose the creative style that works for you.
-  Development and production: created in your favourite design tool. We also manage your video production.
-  Quality assurance and delivery: Each worxsmiths project goes through a thorough testing programme before delivery in the format of your choice.

If you are interested in discovering how the worxsmith programme can help you get great elearning content, just how you like it, then please email us at with some basic information about your requirements and we will produce an estimate with some suggested solutions.